Mobile In the Wild

Super Bowl XLVI had MOBILE commercials!

For four years in a row I have watched the Super Bowl commercials with a specific plan of action – to critique the ads that have a mobile call to action. I have sat ready to participate with my mobile […]

一本之道高清在線不卡視頻:Cute QR Code at Jamba Juice

Mobile Marketing in the Wild: After school yesterday, my daughter and I went to Jamba Juice. I spotted a really cute QR Code on the wall. The giant strawberry with a QR Code embedded in it was calling out to […]

What a Load of BS, this is NOT Mobile Spam

If you know me at all you know how firm my stance is against mobile spam. I have been known to tell students in my courses and attendees at my speaking events, “Do not send mobile spam. If you do […]

一本之道高清在線不卡視頻:Costco Does Mobile Right

Costco Does Mobile Right

Two of my favorite things in the world have come together – Costco and mobile. And I am so happy to share all the ways that Costco is doing mobile right and a couple things I wish they would do […]

Mobile Marketing is Ripe with Opportunities

Mobile Marketing is Ripe with Opportunities

My 4th of July mobile marketing challenge was a huge success. People participating found mobile marketing happening and were so excited to be focusing on the opportunities in mobile. Interestingly, it seems that the opportunities are what we found the […]

My mobile marketing challenge to you

My mobile marketing challenge to you

My dad, Jack Randall, (pictured here with me on the 4th of July 2008) actually sparked this challenge by calling me excitedly to tell me that he saw that Walgreens has mobile prescription alerts. It may not be an exact […]

一本之道高清在線不卡視頻:Beefy Mobile Spot

Beefy Mobile Spot

While driving my daughter to school today I heard an awesome mobile campaign on the radio. It was a commercial for beef, as in “it’s what’s for dinner.” The 30 second spot featured Matthew McConaughey talking about beef. If you’re […]

Sears’ Excellent Mobile Coupon Campaign

Sears' Excellent Mobile Coupon Campaign

I was walking through my living room the other day and a Sears commercial on TV caught my eye. I noticed they had a text message offer on the screen. Since I am always looking for mobile marketing campaigns “in […]

一本之道高清在線不卡視頻:Denny’s – The Next Day

Denny’s – The Next Day

Tuesday’s free Gland Slam breakfast was a huge success for Denny’s. Their creative and funny Superbowl spot created lines around the building at locations across the country. The restaurant chain is estimated to have served nearly 2 million of the […]

My 3 Wishes for the Olympics & Mobile

My 3 Wishes for the Olympics & Mobile

As I posted about on Mobile Marketing Watch, I was disappointed in the mobile-focused Superbowl commercials this year and I really hope the Olympics will step up to the mobile plate a lot better. Here are my three wishes for […]