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Mobile Coupons More Successful than Predicted

Mobile Coupons More Successful than Predicted

Earlier this week I sent out an email announcing that one in four mobile phone users will redeem a mobile coupon in 2014. Today I discovered eMarketer has revised that prediction. Now they say that one in three smartphone users […]

一本之道高清在線不卡視頻:New Business Model Idea

Since the first edition of my book (The Mobile Marketing Handbook) came out in early 2009, people have been asking me how to start a business in mobile marketing. Last week I discovered a new idea to add to my […]

Free Call – Mobile Marketing Biz Questions Answered

What is your biggest question about starting or growing your mobile marketing business? I get dozens of emails and calls every week from people who are just getting started in a text messaging business or want to start doing mobile […]

Why 67% Mobile Access is a Big Deal

Why 67% of the world’s population having mobile phone access is a BIG DEAL to your business. Your business needs to market to reach customers. Plain and simple, without effective marketing your business will suffer. Effective marketing is being able […]

7 Tips for Starting Your Mobile Marketing Business

If you are just getting started with your mobile marketing business, you might find these tips helpful. Learn the basics of mobile marketing first. If you jump in without knowing some of the most basic requirements and regulations you could […]

Podcast Interview: Kim Dushinski on Mobile Beyond

Podcast Interview: Kim Dushinski on Mobile Beyond

I was interviewed last week by Brian Prows of Mobile Beyond for his excellent mobile marketing podcast. He interviews a lot of great people in mobile, like Michael Becker and Mickey Alam Khan, and I was glad to do the […]

What is Mobile Marketing Anyway?

The Mobile Marketing Association redefined “mobile marketing” this week at the Mobile Marketing Forum in Los Angeles. Here’s the new official definition: “Mobile marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in […]