Super Bowl Commericals

Super Bowl XLVI had MOBILE commercials!

For four years in a row I have watched the Super Bowl commercials with a specific plan of action – to critique the ads that have a mobile call to action. I have sat ready to participate with my mobile […]

Super Bowl XLV Mobile Commercials …or Not

In my third annual Super Bowl Mobile Hits and Mobile Misses analysis I am going to start with the mobile misses – pretty much all of the advertisers. I sat there watching each commercial with anticipation and my cell phone […]

一本之道高清在線不卡視頻:Denny’s – The Next Day

Denny’s – The Next Day

Tuesday’s free Gland Slam breakfast was a huge success for Denny’s. Their creative and funny Superbowl spot created lines around the building at locations across the country. The restaurant chain is estimated to have served nearly 2 million of the […]